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Hidden History of Burma[Download] ➺ Hidden History of Burma ➽ Thant Myint U – Varanus.us Precariously positioned between China and India Burma's population has suffered dictatorship natural disaster and the dark legacies of colonial rule But when decades of military dictatorship finally e Precariously positioned between China and India Burma's population has suffered dictatorship natural disaster and the dark legacies of colonial rule But when decades of military dictatorship finally ended and internationally beloved Nobel laureate Aung San Suu Kyi emerged from long years of Hidden History PDF \ house arrest hopes soared World leaders including Barack Obama ushered in waves of international support Progress seemed inevitable As historian former diplomat and presidential advisor Thant Myint U saw the cracks forming In this insider's diagnosis of a country at a breaking point he dissects how a singularly predatory economic system fast rising ineuality disintegrating state institutions the impact of new social media the rise of China next door climate change and deep seated feelings around race religion and national identity all came together to challenge the incipient democracy Interracial violence soared and a horrific exodus of hundreds of thousands of Rohingya refugees fixed international attention Thant Myint U explains how and why this happened and details an unsettling prognosis for the future Burma is today a fragile stage for nearly all the world's problems Are democracy and an economy that genuinely serves all its people possible in Burma In clear and urgent prose Thant Myint U explores this uestion a concern not just for the Burmese but for the rest of the world warning of the possible collapse of this nation of million while suggesting a fresh agenda for change.

Hidden History of Burma ePUB É Hidden History  PDF \
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  • Hidden History of Burma
  • Thant Myint U
  • 06 February 2016
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    This is a highly readable history of modern BurmaThe section I found most interesting was the part which covered the transition from decades of miliary rule to democracy in which the author played a not so small part himself To the ignorant and uninitiated me the army generals of the junta had been invisible and faceless but Thant Myint U describes how open some of them were to change to new ideas to trying something newThe book is not long but is rather thin on the topic of the Rohingyas which I found surprising Many of us were shocked and baffled by Aung San Suu Kyi's silence in the face of the global outcry rather akin to Heidegger's post war silence on his Nazi era actions and then by her defence of her government's actions Unfortunately I am still none the wiser as to how a beacon of democracy and hope came to be associated with one of the worst atrocities in the 21st century I wanted to know about the exact relationships between the powers that controlled the army and NLD politicians I also wanted to know about the role of Buddhist nationalists and how they influenced national policies You won't find detailed answers such uestions in this bookAlso a couple of detailed maps and bibliography containing academic publications as opposed to journalistic sources would have been helpfulIn spite of all these criticisms I found the book to be highly informative and agreeable While the world's focus tends to turn towards the army generals Aung San Suu Kyi ethnic conflicts etc the author's consistent emphasis on the plight of the poor and the devastating impact of climate change on the country that will far outweigh what's been experienced so far eg Cyclone Nargis surely deserves attention It has inspired me to read further on this country's history culture and contemporary politics

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    bought after hearing the author in the Talking Politics podcaxt Helped me to understand from what seemed to be an objective viewpoint what has happened in a fascinating country over the last century and and why Aung San Suu Ki has had such a fall from grace in the eyes of the Western world

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    I bought this book seeking an explanation of the recent troubles in MyanmarI found the book easy to read as well as giving me a grasp of the crosscurrents of the country's history I would recommend it to anyone The author has been ideally placed to give a fair appraisal

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    Another great and perfectly researched book of the well known historian Thant Myint U It’s easy and fascinating to read and by looking back into the history of this great nation it gives an explanation about where Myanmar is standing today A “must read” for everyone interested in the development of Myanmar and helping tremendously understanding the complex situation of this great country Moreover I find that it’s a total love declaration to Burma and that’s especially great for me to find out

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    Excellent book on the history and contemporary Myanmar

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