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This Is Service Design Thinking: Basics, Tools, Cases➚ [KINDLE] ❄ This Is Service Design Thinking: Basics, Tools, Cases By Marc Stickdorn ➤ – This is Service Design Thinking introduces an inter disciplinary approach to designing services Service design is a bit of a buzzword these days and has gained a lot of interest from various fields Th This is Service Design Thinking introduces an Service Design PDF Í inter disciplinary approach to designing services Service design is a bit of a buzzword these days and has gained a lot of interest from various fields This book assembled to describe and illustrate the emerging field of service design was brought together using exactly the same co creative and user This Is PDF or centred approaches you can read and learn about inside The boundaries between products and services are blurring and it is time for a different way of thinking this is service design thinkingA set of international authors and evenonline contributors from the global service design community invested their knowledge experience and passion together to create this book It Is Service Design MOBI ô introduces service design thinking in manner accessible to beginners and students it broadens the knowledge and can act as a resource for experienced design professionals Besides an introduction to service design thinking through five basic principles a selection of individual perspectives demonstrate the similarities and differences between various disciplines involved in the design of services Additionally the book Is Service Design Thinking: Basics, Epub / outlines an iterative design process and showcases adaptable service design tools exemplifying the practice of service design with five international case studies The book concludes with an insight into the current state of service design research and sets service design thinking in a philosophical context In collaboration with in alphabetical order Kate Andrews UK Beatriz Belmonte E Ralf Beuker GER Fergus Bisset UK Kate Blackmon UK Johan Blomkvist SE Simon Clatworthy NO Lauren Currie UK Sarah Drummond UK Jamin Hegeman USA Stefan Holmlid SE Luke Kelly Is Service Design Thinking: Basics, Epub / NL Lucy Kimbell UK Satu Miettinen FI Asier P�rez E Bas Raijmakers NL Jakob Schneider GER Fabian Segelström SE Marc Stickdorn A Renato Troncon IT Geke van Dijk NL Arne van Oosterom NL Erik Widmark S.

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    J'attendais sans doute trop de ce livre mais bien u'il soit assez imposant et contienne plusieurs informations intéressantes il reste à mon niveau beaucoup trop en surface et en vulgarisation par rapport à tout ce ue l'on pourrait dire à propos du Service Design De même les études de cas sont au final assez décevantes étant fortement axées sur soit des organismes publics soit des agences de Service Design et leurs spin off avec deux petites exceptions mais dont on gratte à peine la surface dont une non appliuée Au final la trousse à outils est assez intéressante et m'a fait découvrir uelues outils ue je ne connaissais pas et est donc pour moi un des gros points positif du livre Pour toute personne n'ayant pas connaissance du Design Thinking ou du Service Design ce livre pourra servir d'introduction mais malheureusement ne va de mon point de vue pas assez loin surtout au niveau du Service Design u'il ne fait au final u'effleurer

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    Oui c'est une référence incontournable compilant les outils du Design de service en particulier les diagrammes d'interaction comme le customer journey mapping ou le service blueprinting La rigueur est présente pour la structuration et le rendu visuel de l'exposé mais On tourne de belles pages pour ne pas trouver grand' chose en termes de mise en application Je préfère de loin 'mapping experiences' de J kalbach

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    This is service design thinking appeared to me as a clever intention readable on two levelsFamiliar with design thinking you can truly experiment the book as an seamless experienceand as a newer it just makes you closer to this realm explaining all the discipline's facets in an catchy wayThe cases at the end are just the apotheosis of the book the real completion raising out some well and less known companies and their projectsJust a little disappointment on the almost blurred way sometimes superficial or just not enough personal tht their thinking processes are explainedBut I definitely recommend it

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    Ouvrage de référence du Service Design Thinking Trés didactiue et d'une conception exemplaire Le plus complet à date mais certainement perfectible sur la durée sur la partie des techniues Service Design

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    One of the greatest books i've ever had not only for designers everyone should read it and use it as the perfect tool it is

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    Awful book poorly written with many basic spelling mistakes extremely unhelpful in providing any kind of information you'd want to take away about the Service industry one of those books that manages to say absolutely nothing in far words than necessary yet somehow manages to also be completely unintelligible at timesNot recommended for anything than giving yourself a headache

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    The content is really good but the Kindle version is so badly formatted it makes it frustrating to use For example the diagrams render very small on screen A good example of poor service design thinking

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    Offers a great overview of Service Design approaches and tools If I could ask for something I would like to see some outside in perspective on SD in relation to other approaches to work from a customer perspective This is a book by the inner circle of the convinced for other people who are already convinced On the other hand to be fair I guess it's fair to say that many books in this genre suffers from the same problem

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    A must read if you want to get your hands into service design Easy to read and easy to understand

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    This is a great introduction to the world of service design It outlines the discipline in a clear way and explains where it fits into the design profession This is a job role that is soon to kick off and this book does well to outline the tools of the trade in straight forward wayIt is a good resource for linking design with the business world

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