Beginners' Guide to SAP Security and Authorizations by

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    Purchased this as I am just learning SAP security.I didn't realize that it was only 90 odd pages long with most of that being screen shots.Didn't really help me understand things any than looking at the SAP help pages did, so will be returning it.

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    Anyone who wants a quick and summarized view on SAP Security can go through this book Recommend for interview as well.

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    The book is written in a simple lucid language It delivers the fundamental essentials to beginners Very useful one for beginners.

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    This book is truly for the beginner but definitely an easy read This book is a good start and help to build a foundation, but ultimately you will need advanced tutoring and much hands on experience.

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    Great read! Brought SAP Security down to a manageable level that I could understand.

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