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Slow Down Ebook Slow Down Author John Gaffield Escortkibris724.live Scott Had Many Other Distractions To Focus On As He Sped Through His Neighborhood He Disregarded Shouts From Neighbors To Drive Carefully In The Residential Area His Actions Caused A Tragedy Were The Results Enough For Him To Change His Ways This Haunting Short Story Is About 2000 Words Third Edition October 2012.

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    Free short story for Kindle.Scott talks on his cellphone while driving too fast Too many things occupy his mind when he should be paying attention to his driving.After numerous accidents there is, inevitably, a fatality.Scott better change his ways or is it already too late

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    Epic revengeJust a regular guy, a regular none the less sad incident, a little bit of a spook and the most perfect revenge make up this short tale.

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