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Out of the ShadowsWally Lewis Will Forever Be Known To Rugby League Fans As The King He Could Do What Appeared To Be Impossible On The Field And Yet, Unbeknown To Those Around Him, Including His Family And Closest Friends, He Managed To Perform At The Most Elite Level While Hiding A Secret When He Finally Revealed To A Stunned Public That He D Been Living With Epilepsy For Years, He Did So Just Prior To Undergoing Life Saving Brain Surgery For The Neurological Disorder Wally Talks Of The Difficulty He Had In Facing Major Surgery And The Emotional And Physical Impact Of His Deteriorating Condition, Including A Dramatic Virtual Blackout On Air In Interestingly, Wally Dealt With His Only Daughter S Deafness Publicly, All The While Keeping His Own Crisis So Profoundly Private Following A Successful Procedure, Wally Has Gone On To Work With Epilepsy Organisations To Raise Awareness About The Disorder, Helping De Stigmatise The Condition And Inspiring Others To Live Positively With Epilepsy In , He Was Included In The Australian And Queensland Teams Of The Century During The Centenary Year Of The League

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    A wonderful account of The King s biggest battle outside of rugby league, epilepsy It was nice to readabout the man who inspired so many on the sporting field, and now is arguably doing evenimportant work in lifting awareness of the disorder and even taking control of your health generally.

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    Another Rugby League biography which becomes self indulgent and in a number of sections just boring It was almost they have decided to make a few dollars by peddling out another book which diehard fans wold go for His resilience to overcome epilepsy is to be admired but wasn t enough to carry a book for about 200 pages.

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