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Paragoy Dimension (Dimensions Saga #2) Reading Paragoy Dimension Dimensions Saga 2 Author T.M Nielsen Centrumpowypadkowe.co.uk Book 2 In The Dimensions Saga Kyrin Is Forced By Daemionis To Stay In Paragoy Dimension, But Only After He Sends Her On A Dangerous Mission To Retrieve The Coveted Seal Of Carathis While Away, She Befriends A Creature That Threatens To Disrupt The Peaceful Life In The Valharan Castle Finn Realizes That The Knights Of Valhara Have A Grudge Against The Known Evil, And He Sets Out To Make Sure Kyrin Is Treated As A Noble He Starts To Realize It S Going To Be A Harder Task Than He First Though, But Feels Indebted To Her Alric Struggles To Understand Why Kyrin Stays With Daemionis He And Sithias Try To Find A Way To Keep Her In Paragoy, When They Become Afraid That She S About To Shift Out Permanently More Nobles Bring Conflict, And Alric S Afraid It May Be Than Kyrin Can Handle.

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    La storia molto bella, innovativa e ricca di avvenimenti Anche l evoluzione dei personaggi, soprattutto di Kyrin, abbastanza ben sviluppata Tutto per un po troppo frettoloso, inoltre spesso saltiamo dalla tes...

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    This a great continuation in this series Kyrin shifts through dimentions easily, but the people there are a danger to her As she matures throughout the book, she continues to grow to trust the people of Paragoy especially the King Parago...

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    It was a good read I loved the way that Kyrin handeled everything that was thrown at her, and the way that she is learning slowly but surley that she is not a pure evil Cant wait to see how this actually plays out.

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    3.5These books are quite entertaining, I can t wait till the next becomes free on Nook D

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    Diciamo che avrei preferito pi azione, pi scenari fantasy e meno romanticismospero nel prossimo.

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