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Vampire In The TropicsA Paranormal Erotic Novella Short Story WordsOur Heroine, Known Only As Beloved, Has Had It With Vampires Or So She Thinks After Hightailing It Out Of Frozen Poughkeepsie, New York For Mexico In An Effort To Escape Both Winter And The Loser Vampire Ex Boyfriends She S Sick And Tired Of Fending Off, She Finds Something She Never Thought She D Encounter Under The Blazing Tropical Sun A Vampire GodEnter Julio, An Immortal Aztec God That Blends Elements Of The Western Vampire With The Chupacabra It S Lust At First Sight When Beloved Lays Eyes On Him In Human Form On A White Sanded Mexican Beach, And Despite All Attempts To Resist, She Finds That At Last She Has Found Her Destiny As His Mate Wild Otherworldly Sex Ensues That Takes Them To A Parallel Universe Where The Power Of The Ancient Aztecs Blends With Modern Bloodlust To Create A New Level Of Passion, And Where Beloved Finds A New Role As The Chupacabra Queen

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