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An Exercise In Worthless An Exercise In Worthless PDF Epub Author Beastofthesky Derbybusinesscentres.co.uk Spn AU DestielI Mean, You Re He Gestures At Cas, In His Neat Oxford Shirt And Nice Pants And I M A High School Dropout Who Tattoos For A Living Wherein Dean Makes A Hefty Living As A Tattoo Artist Who Owns The Space Next To Gabriel S Cafe Sam Attends The Local University When Gabe S Cousin Comes To Live With Him While Starting Grad School At Sam S University, Dean Thinks For Sure That All His Negative Karma S Coming To Bite Him In The Ass Because Cas Clearly Has A Thing For Sam No One Would Ever Choose Him Over Sam That S Just Logic.Words 26547 Complete

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    I finally got to the point in Supernatural where Castiel is a character.

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    Destial Not bad Just wasn t feeling the characters Think largely it was the AU setting that didn t grab me.

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    3.5 stars.

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    261 2017

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    I didn t see that the fic was a little longer, but of course I had to read it in one go D Whoopsie Loved the characterizations, the slow development of the story, the chemistry between the characters It just fits

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