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Behind Locked ShuttersA Ghastly Dream Come TrueElizabeth Felt Like A Beautiful Princess In The Romantic Chalet It Was A Setting Out Of A Dream.Then Suddenly Her Life Became Part Of The Bizarre And Chilling Terrors Locked Behind The Chalet Doors Weird Noises In The Night, Cries Of Madness Creeping Down The Halls, Ghostly Figures Lurking In The Shadows And Pursuing Her.Where Does A Dream Begin And Where And When Does It End

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    I found this story to be quite intriguing, and would give it 3.5 stars if I could I m usually slow at figuring out the mystery, but I was able to guess correctly what was going on this time around I wasn t always sure, but I suspected, and I was right.After her mother dies, Elizabeth goes to visit an uncle that she had never seen before in Canada, he is a doctor at a private insane asylum.If I ever read a vintage mystery where the main female character does not turn into a blubbering idiot, I will be pleasantly surprised Elizabeth seemed smarter than most, but yet she did some of the stupidest things.Elizabeth had the perfect opportunity to leave the chalet when a police officer arrived in a car She complained and whined about not being able to leave, but when the chance came, she stayed hidden so she could attempt to do the bidding...

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