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Why You Suck at Golf Do You Suck At Golf Better Yet, Do You Know Someone Who Does While Written In A Tongue In Cheek Style, Why You Suck At Golf Is An Informative And Educational Manual Chronicling The Most Common Mistakes Golfers Make When Playing This Wondrous Game From Trying To Keep Your Head Too Still, To Poor On Course Strategies, If There Is A Common, Easily Correctible Mistake A Golfer Makes, It Is In This Book 52 Chapters In All, Each Discussing A Mistake And How To Correct It In Simple, Concise Terms.So Whether You Want To Have A Little Dig At The Addicted Golfer Among Your Friends Or Family, Or You Are Serious About Eradicating Shot Costing Mistakes In Your Game, Why You Suck At Golf Is A Must Read Written By Teaching Professional Clive Scarff, Author Of The 1 Ranked Hit Down Dammit Golf Instruction Book, Also Available On Now Also Available In Paperback.

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    Great book but I am biased as I wrote it You can see genuine reviews at

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    Great jokes Very short book, but filled, cover to cover, with tips so common sense that you ve probably forgotten them, if you ve ever really thought about them at all The humor with which it s written makes it a breezy read and, even if you don t magically come away from it with a sub 70 game, you ll definitely come away with some jokes you ll tell your buddies on the course, probably too many times But hey, it s refreshing to stumble across a book from...

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    I finished the book in about 2 hours Not a heavy read but an amusing and sometimes instructive, read Simple things, like never aiming at anything when you practice and drinking on the course, are examples of the reasons we suck at golf

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    Short and simpleNot to in depth but good knowledge to have I still suck at golf though Practice before and after the game

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    Interest take on golf instruction texts While not real heavy on how to, it is informative about many of the pitfalls that trap duffers, and avoiding those that haven t befallen the duffer yet.

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    Humorous book with good common sense advice.

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    Pretty good The book is brief and presents the basics of why we suck at golf Humor is added which makes it an enjoyable read.

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    Not much content Quick read of many known things you should not do and a few you should I would not recommend for anyone who has golfed for some time.

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    Brief and insightful.Short and pointed Addresses issues that harm recreational golfers, but are typically ignored by those trying for a better score Insightful and practical.

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    Why you suck at golfLove it because , how true it is about my golf game I try it and followed his advice and lower my score by 5.

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