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Highland Hermit - The Remarkable Life of James McRory SmithJames McRory Smith Lived For Over 30 Years At Strathchailleach, One Of The Most Remote Cottages In The Britain Isles Standing In The Shadow Of The Squat Stone Structure, It Is Hard To Imagine A Isolated Spot The Building Sits Alone In A Vast Tract Of Empty, Featureless Terrain To The South Of Cape Wrath, In Sutherland There Is No Access Road, No Running Water, No Electricity And No Telephone Yet James McRory Smith Survived Here, Battered By The Elements And Devoid Of Human Company His Story Is A Fascinating Account Of A Man Pitting His Wits Against The Wilderness, Enduring Endless Isolation And Existing, For A Large Part, Off The Land James Lifestyle Belonged To A Bygone Age, Yet He Lived It In The 20th Century, Turning His Back On The Luxuries And Conveniences Of The Modern World.His Way Of Life Was Frugal He Constructed Furniture From Fish Boxes And Driftwood Washed Upon On The Coast He Kept Warm By Burning Peat Dug From The Moor, And He Ate Trout Caught From Local Lochs.James Survived Everything Sutherland Could Throw At Him He Arrived At Strathchailleach In The Early 1960s, After Leaving The Army And Embarking Upon An Itinerant Lifestyle, Moving From One Abandoned, Isolated Property To Another, And Remained There Until 1994 When Ill Health Finally Forced Him Back Into Society.Behind This Tale Of Survival There Were Two Significant Events That Brought Major Change To James Life And Both Involved Women Very Close To Him.James Was A Complex Character He Was Intelligent And Resourceful, Artistic And Creative, But He Also Drank Heavily, Resulting In Regular Confrontation With Hillwalkers And Anglers Who Visited His Bothy Home, And The Law This Biography Traces James Life, From His Early Years In Dumbarton, Through His Time On The Army To The Moment He Decided To Leave Behind Everything He Knew For The Isolation Of Strathchailleach It Seeks To Answer Why Any Man Would Take Such A Momentous Decision And Describes How James Was Able To Exist For Over 30 Years In Such A Barren And Unforgiving Environment It Looks At The Tools And Life Skills He Developed To Survive And Examines How He Was Able To Cope, Both Physically And Mentally, With The Challenges He Faced On A Daily Basis.This Biography Provides Readers With An Inspiring Account Of A Modern Day Hermit It Offers A Rare Insight Into An Alternative Way Of Life, One That Is Far Removed From The Norm At A Time When People Are Becoming Increasingly Concerned About Consumption And Consumerism, And Their Impact On The Environment, James McRory Smith S Story Demonstrates The Practicalities And Challenges Of The Frugal, Self Sufficient Lifestyle Many People Dream Of However, This Is Not Intended Simply As A Social History, Is Also A True Life Story Of Adventure And Survival.

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    Excellent profile of this incredible mans life, well researched and executed.Very moving and engaging throughout Sad but an incredible story of survival.

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