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Rich Nations and Poor NationsIf, As I Believe, There Is Real Security For Americans In Understanding Than In H Bombs, Barbara Ward Has Done Us An Inestimable Service With This Absorbing, Enlightening Book I Strongly Urge My Fellow Countrymen To Read It, For They Will Find In It Essential Information On The State Of The World And Essential Inspiration To Do What Needs To Be Done The Ideas Presented Here Are Stimulating And Provocative And Illuminating The Ideas Are New And They Make The News Understandable And They Suggest A Policy For The West A Rewarding Bookexceedingly Important Adlai E Stevenson

[BOOKS] ✮ Rich Nations and Poor Nations Author Barbara Ward – Varanus.us
  • Paperback
  • 160 pages
  • Rich Nations and Poor Nations
  • Barbara Ward
  • English
  • 21 February 2017
  • 9780393007466

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    The short version first.The nature of the world s countries and their interactions is one of the reasons I wanted to study history It was always clear to me that I was interested in this subject area After all, I am sure that there were not too many of my friends who put up country maps of Vietnam in the 1960 s Despite American military involvement, we conscripted a large number of the soldiers who were my age Many, including several of my family members, served during the war While I worked on my college education, I was enjoying the delay that was on my draft card Still, I also tried to get into the Air Force ROTC program at Baylor University in Waco, Texas The Vietnam conflict lasted nearly as long as the recent conflicts we have seen in areas of the Middle East The only difference is that the troops serving today volunteered for their tours of duty Before our large scale involvement overseas in the latter half of the 20th Century, Barbara Ward 79342 researched and penned the words in The Rich Nations and the Poor Nations 1888297 Ms Ward 79342 was married to Sir Robert Jackson, allowing her to use the honorific of Baroness Jackson She studied economics at Oxford Mrs Ward 79342 wrote for several periodicals as well as being the author of several books Her work with combating poverty was one of her best claims to fame, and she devoted a substantial amount of her wo...

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    As we try to discern info about the rich and the poor nations, we should consider the evolution of the revolutions momentous changes that have occurred of equality, of this worldliness, of rising birth rates, and of driving scientific change as they all starte3d in the North Atlantic arena p 5 profound root of equality that equality is innate, metaphysical, and independent of the vanities of class, race, or culture p 7 capital is saving and saving means not consuming But there is no point in delaying or cutting back consumption unless, at some point, the saving made will result in consumption later on p 15Our most productive periods are those in which we are destroying most fully what we make p 19It is very much easier for a rich man to invest and grow richer than for the poor man to begin investing at all the gap between the rich and the poor has become inevitably the most tragic and urgent problem of our day p 21If you fix the level of wealth of wealthy communities at a per capita income of about 500 a year, then 80 percent of mankind lives below it p 22Poverty has been the universal lot of man until our own day p 23nature can be worked on by human will through magic p 27 there is no human failure greater than tyo launch a profoundly important endeavor and then leave it half done This is what the West has done with it...

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    The book treats of the present situation between the underdeveloped countries and those which are industirialized It is not specified how the former can be helped but the author does feel that the matter is urgent and that it is our moral obligation to do something about it The industrialized countries have developed due to 4 resolutions 1 the exponential increase in population 2 the idea of equality 3 the emphasis in progress and material well being 4 the application of c...

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    i started reading this when i was an undergraduate in latin american studies my ediion is copyright 1962, has no isbn, and has a cover cost of 1.25.i marked up the first two chapters, but never finished the book both Lydon B Johnson and Adlai E Stevenson found it worthwhie perhaps...

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    Interesting to read an as it is happening perspective on the role of Communism and Capitalism in the post colonial developing world With 20 20 hindsight, Ward s book shows a great deal of perception and understanding about the root issues, as well as what should be done about it.

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    Things haven t changed much in the past 40 50 years She ended it with a few pages of biblical references which sort of lost me since there was no mention of religion through the entire book.

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