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Helpless A Dramatic Short Story From Debut Author And Foster Carer Rosie Lewis.A Digital Exclusive Short Story From Rosie Lewis, Plus A Sneak Peek Chapter From Rosie S Highly Anticipated Debut Memoir, Trapped.Baby Sarah Is Born To A Crack Addicted Mother On A Freezing Cold Night In December Rosie Is Woken A Few Short Hours Later, At 1am, And Taken To The Maternity Unit By Police Escort To Collect The Infant And Take Her To A Place Of Safety.But It Soon Becomes Clear That Sarah Is Suffering From Severe Withdrawal Symptoms Knowing That Separation Is Inevitable, Rosie Tries To Maintain A Professional Distance But That S Easier Said Than Done.

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    A good introduction to the author although short, look forward to reading a full size book of hers.

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    a very intense short story that took me about 30 minutes to read and really opened my eyes as I have never thought about this side of fostering.Great read

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    What a lovely , heart warming story It does start helplessly for little Sarah, the baby whose mother took crack but it shows that with time, dedication, plenty of patience and love, happy endings still happen.My heart goes to Rose too, because even though she knows that foster parents should not get emotionally involved, she is still human, and a woman Even if she had tried, I do not think she could have stayed insensitive to the suffering of baby Sarah.We hope Sarah s future is bright and ful What a lovely , heart warming story It does start helplessly for little Sarah, the ...

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    Sad short story about fostering a baby girl

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    Thank goodness there are people like Rosie Lewis around to care for children who are abused and neglected Another toching story of a child addicted to drugs at birth and the care and love of Rosie Lewis.

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    Thank you Rosie Lewis Excellent read I felt the love you have for Sarah I also felt your heartache when you handed her over to her new parents Thank you for being there for the children They need special people like YOU.

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    I loved this book what can I say The only short story that has ever made me cry.

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    It was alright, but too short to really form any connection Looking forward to reading the author s full length novel.

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    Oh I wish there would have been definately a SHORT story

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    Short and not sweet but gives you a touch back to real life Truly inspiring.

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