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X-Men Gathered Together By Professor Charles Xavier To Protect A World That Fears And Hates Them, The X Men Had Fought Many Battles, Been On Adventures That Spanned Galaxies, Grappled Enemies Of Limitless Might, But None Of This Could Prepare Them For The Most Shocking Struggle They Would Ever Face One Of Their Own Members, Jean Grey, Has Gained Power Beyond All Comprehension, And That Power Has Corrupted Her Absolutely Now They Must Decide If The Life Of The Woman They Cherish Is Worth The Existence Of The Entire Universe.Collects X Men 129 137.

[BOOKS] ✭ X-Men  ✯ Chris Claremont – Varanus.us
  • Paperback
  • 200 pages
  • X-Men
  • Chris Claremont
  • English
  • 13 January 2019
  • 9780785122135

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    Epic moment in The X Men s history This TPB edition collects the issues 129 137 of Uncanny X Men.Creative Team Writer Co Plotter Chris ClaremontIllustrator Co Plotter John Byrne NEW FRIENDS OLD ALLIES During this saga, Dark Phoenix, the X Men meet new friends along with the return of old allies.It s during this saga that we watch the introduction of Kitty Pryde aka Shadowcat which became one of the most popular characters in the X Men along with proud member of Excalibur and even nowadays is running the cosmos along the Guardians of the Galaxy Kitty has been playing a pivotal role in the X Men in several of their most epic sagas like Days of Future Past, making her one of the biggest contributions of Claremont Byrne team to the title.Also, Alison Blaire aka Dazzler showing her very disco first appearance, that later she would become full member of the X Men and even a SHIELD agent.And old allies due different situations return to help the team Angel Beast, founding members of the X Men Too bad that they didn t figured it out a way to include Iceman to have all the five first members in the story FROM HELL TO SPACE In the Dark Phoenix saga, the story will take the X Men to face the fearsome Hellfire Club suffering several defeats during the conflict only to be taken to deep...

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    i have decided that the x men is actually short for the exposition men i mean, i know this is a collection of several comic books strung together to make one big fat story,and in order to refresh readers minds as to what happened a month ago or whatever, it is sometimes necessary to throw in little callbacks to previous escapades, but boy does it end up reading awkwardly this is my name this is your name remember when we did that now we are doing this why in order to facilitate this thing that we need to do and on and on and oni expected a little from the man who co authored with george lucas the continuing adventures of willow ufgood.i don t read a lot of superhero comics i have read a bunch of batman because he is pretty awesome, but this is my first x men having fallen asleep in each of the x men movies, this is what i know wolverine is cranky and has awesome claws, i alan cumming, and the green chick is painted and you can see her boobs.that is neither here nor there, i am just showing off my extensive knowledge of the x men so this is my question are all superhero books really about how shitty it is to be a superhero because batman never gets to have any fun, and everyone in here is miserable i m phoenix, i am alive, now i am dead, now i am alive again, now i am in the cosmos, now i am back in time, no...

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    Yay Now I can officially say that I ve read X Men The Dark Phoenix Saga Wheee Quintessential is a word I ve seen a lot in relation to this story Yeah I can see that This was a pretty major story arc for the X Men You know, Jean GreyKrrrrk slashes finger across throat Gripping is another word I ve seen describing it crickets chirping Hmmm Yeah, not so much Yes, I realize that this story is around thirty years old And yet, somehow that does nothing to make the cheesetastic dialogue and horrible art any easier to slog through Well, maybe a little easier In fact, once I resigned myself to things like the bad guys being referred to as goons, and Cyclops and Jean spewing out lines that would make even die hard fans of romance novels cringe, it was a pretty good read ...

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    This is, by far, one of the greatest storylines of Marvel The Phoenix saga has always held a special place in my heart all my favorite characters take part of it and the tension Gosh, simply amazing.Not only the story has aged beautifully but it also managed to...

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    The purpose of the X men was completely subverted in this It was so cool Their actions are genuine and heroic, but their foes have also manipulated the world into thinking that they are the good guys too They ve hidden themselves rather cleverly in their crime, so when the X men attempt to bring down such a syndicate, it makes them look like the bad guys for a change It only took the most minor of manipulations to turn fear and respect into hatred and animosity And when that s paired with The Phoenix, who has just been released from the shackles of Jean grey, it makes for a rather intense, and fiery, plot Jean Grey has become her power The person, the individual, has practically been destroyed in the process All that s left is fire and destruction She s not the kind of woman you want to mess with So, who could stop such a powerful force Well the rest of the X men of course But, the Phoenix is almost a Goddess, so this isn t going to be a simple fight She has no mercy, no pity and no love, which the X men harbour in abundance for her Indeed, this conflict is going to be rather conflicting Power corrupts, absolute power absolutely corrupts It s a great quote isn t it The ending of this was the only one that could ever have bene possible it was dramatic and effective It was a great ending to a great comic The artwork is a little dated by today s standards, but that s the problem with older comics It was still quite enjoyable though It took me a whi...

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    Mixed feelings for this one Good reading for diehard Marvel and X Men fans, but lukewarm for everyone else While I like Bronze Age DC, I don t think I care for Bronze Age X Men or Claremont s writing The closest thing I can compare this to is Frank Miller s The Dark Knight Returns, which is vital and important to the Batman universe, weird and 80s and hated by some Unlike TDKR, however, which I own and love, this was a chore to read Also the polar opposite of grim dark.Let me start with the good The art is awesome even at thirty five years old But I really don t mind it The plot is solid minus the ending And there s a lot going on We learn about Jean Grey swhat do you call itevil version Dark Phoenix Kitty Pryde has some self discovery The X Men grow as a team There are some pretty good fight scenes And the setting is quite dynamic, even heading out to space So there s that But I have a lot of problems with this.To contextualize, it s 1980 The X Men have been around almost 20 years Marvel is in its heyday This is way before the era of gritty realism and even six years before The Dark Knight Returns Super heroes are still a bit gee golly gosh and saving the universe I get that And I actually like how that works in DC sometimes, like with Crisis on Infinite ...

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    UNPOPULAR OPINION TIME Fuck all y all haters, I actually like Dazzler I somehow forgot this was her debut People are always like, Haha Dazzler has the power of disco How lame Pfffft Oh yeah, what s your mutation, bro Fucking nothing That s what I thought First off, THAT SHIT WOULD BE AWESOME Damn, do you know how much joy you could bring people with that power You are literally a walking ball of happiness and fun Oh shit, you had a bad day LET ME PUT ON A FANTASTIC LIGHT SHOW JUST FOR YOU, BRO Power outage FUCK THAT LET S PARTY I M THE GODDAMN DAZZLER Do you hate your neighbors THAT S COOL, I LL AIM MY AMAZING POWERS AT THEIR BEDROOM WINDOW WHILE THEY TRY TO SLEEP I feel like being able to summon my own fireworks would be a great treatment for my depression You could even put on sunglasses and slowly walk away without looking backwards if you ever wanted to look cooler Secondly, her power is actually using sound and vibrations and turning them into various attacks she even has a beam attack like Cyclops, except she can actually control her powers Why do you never see people giving Cyclops shit , WHICH MEANS IT S ALL FUN AND GAMES UNTIL SHE BLINDS YOUR ASS OR TURNS YOUR BRAIN IN JELLY VIA SONIC BLASTS Thirdly, does anyone else remember that kid in the Xmen movies was it the...

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    Midway through reading this classic Claremont tale, I understood its significance to the X Men mythology instantly, and I also wondered if it had some kind of impact on the role of the female superheroine in comics back then and today That s because I consider Jean Grey in this story to be a very empowered representation of what a comic book heroine can become and be undone for at the same time I would like to try and touch upon that subject matter in this review.This is quite possibly the most popular and enduring comics story arc in recent memory that any self respecting fan of the medium will immediately associate the X Men with, and The Dark Phoenix Saga is deemed with such high esteem and praise for many good reasons One thing that I think we all should remember about reading classic storylines from comics that defined and shaped the continuity or characterization of a particular title is to curb our expectations and adjust our preconceived notions about it to something realistic In my experience, some of these classics can exceed expectations while some are just relics that were overhyped A few of which actually do require further contemplation after finishing them in order to garner a nuanced appreciation I can honestly say that The Dark Phoenix is one of them It was a memorable story in itself because the ambigu...

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    This is one of the greatest comic book story arcs ever told.It has early, rough around the back hair Wolverine It has Cyclops at his leadership best It has Colossus and Nightcrawler and Storm the Russian, the German and the African woman at their eighties expectation blowing pomp It has the Hellfire Club, the Avengers embodied by Beast and the Shi ar It has Angel and Professor X And it has Jean Grey Phoenix Dark Phoenix Did I mention it has Jean Grey Phoenix Dark Phoenix It does.It is perfect but for the end I mean perfect Chris Claremont is one of the all time great Marvel writers His dialogue works, his plotting works, his mind scores multiple hits when it comes to what needs to be said and done He was the Hitchcock of the Marvel Universe And his partner was John Byrne I don t know what tastes are today I don t care What I do know is that John Byrne s art spoke to me like no other s Byrne was a Calgarian my home town and he gave birth both to Canada s greatest hero Wolvie and our greatest superteam Alpha Flight but he also pencilled some of the greatest sequences in...

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    Hands down one of the best Marvel comic stories I ve ever read The way Claremont brings out each character and piece them together as a team is commendable.

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