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I Know an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly Hen An Old Lady Swallows Everything From A Fly To A Horse, Each Swallow Leads To Larger And Hilarious Predicaments Redesigned As Part Of The Recently Branded Sing Along Stories Series, This Popular Children S Song Features All New Art, An Updated Design, And Comes Complete With Musical Notation And An Activity Page

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    Although an earworm burrows deep inside my head every time I read sing this book to my daughter, I still find it fun Who doesn t like this classic Weird people, that s who

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    1 There are not any awards for this book 2 Pre K 3 This is a story, that can be read as a song, about a crazy old lady who swallowed a fly and then continues to eat numerous animals until she dies 4 This is a cute book for young children because they love the absolute ridiculousness of an old lady eating multiple animals and insects I could almost hear children laughing while I read this book to myself I best part of this book is the illustrations 5 I would...

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    Cute book I do not love the way that the endings of songs are changed to not upset children At the end of the song, she dies, not simply full.

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    Wow, this old lady just about ate everything in sight I am talking about of course the famous folklore tale, I Know an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly This version adapted by multi award winning author Mary Ann Hoberman and Nadine Bernard Westcott, will be sure to have your students laughing out loud and reading along with you This is a great choice for a read aloud to any Pre K 2nd grade class as it has a great rhythmic pattern, which will make it easy for your students to get into Did I mention the illustrations that go along with it are hilarious I Know an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly tells the story of just that An old lady swallows a fly and in fear that she ll die hey I just made a rhyme starts eating other insects animals to catch the previous ones inside of her These insects animals include a bird, a spider, what seems to be her pet cat and dog, a goat, and even a cow and a horse Well what do you think happens at the end of this book after eating a handful of animals Well she dies, of course I Know an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly can be used in the classroom in a few ways The first is th...

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    Can you believe that I have never read this book or book like it We have a puppet here at the library that swallows all those things but it never really clicked for me I think it is just a weird little rhyme I have swallowed a fly or some flying insect and it was disgustingbut you know what.I just tried to spit it out or I could have vomitedit seems silly to Swallow a fly and then a bird to catch the flyand when swallowed a horse She died of course No ...

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    A fun time is to be had by all when reading this hilarious version of the traditional story That lady was certainly hungry After eating a fly, a spider, bird, cat, dog, goat, cow, and finally a horse, she was finally full What an appetite.Your little one will love hearing this improbably story over ...

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    Ok, this book is hilarious It s a little twisted and that s what we love about it in my house If you swallowed a fly, what would you do She has a pretty strange way of trying to solve the problem If you child likes crazy and zany books, this is the perfect fit

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    We have two sets of these books with sing along cassettes The boys love to listen to the music, but they do not like us to sing the books.

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    One of my all time favorites.

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    Nobody wants to show their kids a picture of an old lady eating a horse, mouth wide open, legs of the horse sticking out.

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