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Viva Colores The Joyful Cacophony Of Color That Envelopes Visitors To Guatemala May Seem Misplaced At First After All, The Nation Has Only Recently Emerged From A 36 Year Civil War That Destroyed Its Infrastructure And Claimed Than A Million Lives But To The Authors OfViva Colores A Salute To The Indomitable People Of Guatemala , It Is A Vivid Expression Of A 1,500 Year Old Spirit That Refuses To Die Photographer Paola Gianturco And Writer David Hill Offer Inspirational Profiles Of A People Who Have Endured And, Indeed, Gained Strength, Thanks To The Bounty Of Their Land, Their Beliefs, Traditions, And Kinship With One Another People Like Luis Luis Was Orphaned As A Small Child The Aunt And Uncle Who Took Him In Sent Him Into The Streets To Hawk Trinkets And Cadge Pesos From Tourists He Quickly Figured Out That He Could Do Better If He Learned The Tourists Language, So He Taught Himself English At 18, He Became A Licensed Tour Guide Five Years Later, He Was Begging Again, A Homeless Panhandler, Brought Low By Demon Rum Then He Found AA, Which Helped Him Get Sober And Gave Him A Reason To Live He Traveled His Country, Launching AA Programs Today, He S A Doting Grandfather And Popular Tour Guide Luis Story Is But One Of Many Gianturco And Hill Have Discovered In Their Travels Through Guatemala Readers Of Their Book Will Enjoy And Be Inspired By Many.

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    Viva Colores is a wonderful book in many ways It s a great book to practice Spanish, it has wonderful illustrations, and hearfelt stories Viva Colores also has a theme of color is culture which is fantast...

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