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The Highland CountessMorag Fleming, The Countess Of Murr, Had Been Bride To The Most Lecherous Lord In Scotland Yet The Ravishingly Lovely Girl Had Never Been Touched So It Was That Morag Had Never Borne A Child Yet As A Young Widow, She Arrived In London With A Fine Son In Tow Her Background Had Left Her Ignorant Of The Follies And Fopperies Of Fashion Yet Soon All Of Society Was At Her Feet Most Incredible Of All, She Knew So Little About The Ways And Wiles Of Love Yet Set Her Heart Upon None Other Than The Devastatingly Handsome, Charming, And Wealthy Lord Toby Freemantle, Who Could Have Any Woman He Wanted, And Was Clearly Not Interested In Her.

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    Morag is only seventeen and a beauty She is married to the elderly Earl of Murr but the marriage has never been consummated She falls in love with a visitor to the castle in which she lives Lord Toby Freemantle but even though the feeling is mutual there is a misunderstanding and they part Seven years later they meet again in London when Toby is about to become engaged to someone else and Morag is a widow.Is it possible that the two star crossed lovers can sort out their differences and find happiness or will everyone around them succeed in putting several spanners in the works This is an entertaining short read and it kept me amused for a few hours Morag herself is a sympathetic character but I thought the small boy, Rory, really stole the show He is a really nasty, spoilt brat at first but he gradually changes The interactions between all the characters and Rory are really well done as is Morag s fraug...

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    It s been ages since I read a book in the Romance genre and I used to love the ones by Marion Chesney This story begins with Morag, what a name , marrying the Earl of Murr The narrator did the Scottish accents very well and made the en...

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    Must read the first chapter of this book.It tells of a most unusual wedding night.Narrator Alison Larkin does such nice job.So enjoy her playful, amusing style.Almost clean, mild language.

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    What is it I like so much about Marion Chesney I think it s that her characters are multi dimensional Flawed, often self deceiving, and willful But they are passionate, sensual, intelligent grown ups And servants are never just walk ons Perhaps most unusually, her children are quite often little beasts sneaky savages in fact They are not exactly tamed by the end of the story, bu...

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    I used to read Marion Chesney s books all the time Just felt a little nostalgic today and read something short and sweet Very little character development Moves pretty quickly, so nothing fantastic It s just a very light read.

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    These romances are so fun I read them on vacation to take a break from the definitely serious Every Man Dies Alone

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    Marion Chesney MC Beaton has been a favourite of mine for escapist reading I have lately gone off, even though all the kindle books did their job for bedtime reading.And the majority of her books have been on audio from the library, which again, I enjoyed when going through the first fifteen year...

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    2.5 stars Not great decently written but poorly plotted.

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    I like the characters in this one They are very interesting.

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    Delightful read I eat this stuff up

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