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Exiled to the Stars 2203 AD 281 AE An Overpopulated And Desperate Earth Has Devised The Colony Program Criminals, Agitators And Other Undesirables Supplemented By Thousands Of Nonproductives , Or Drones Gathered In Sweeps Through Slums And Squatter Areas Worldwide, Are Crammed Aboard A Starship Manned By A One Way Crew, And Sent To Colonize The Stars This Is The Epic Story Of Colony Ship 7N 364, With Its Cargo Of 3500 Drones , 1500 Undies , And 130 Crew With Nearly A Third Of The Colonists Made Up Of Street Toughs, Gangsters, Terrorists, Political Agitators, And Other Troublemakers, Can The Crew Hope To Maintain Control Will They Find A Home Before The Ship Dissolves Into Chaos And If They Do Find A Suitable Planet, What Then Can A Population Of Mostly Illiterate Peasants, Political And Social Misfits, And Outright Criminals Even Survive What Kind Of World Could Such A Wildly Varied Group Possibly Produce A Sweeping Adventure Spanning Generations

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    Exiled to the stars is a riveting book about 5000 people who are selected by an oppressive government to be sent to the stars in order to try to form a new human colony The author does an extraordinary job of making the reader feel as if they to are on that ship fighting to survive and overcome one obstacle after another It is truly impressive how the author keeps you on the seat of your chair throughout the entire book which is evenimpressive considering the extraordinary length of the Exiled to the stars ...

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    An excellent read Well thought out and a believable premise I would highly recommend it.

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