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English Verbs Explained English Verbs Explained Is A Reference Book For Students Of The English Language Who Wish To Understand The Different Tenses Of Verbs, How And When To Use Them, How To Make Verbs Negative And How To Form Questions It Can Be Confusing, For Example, To Know When To Use The Present Simple Tense And When To Use The Present Continuous, As Languages Such As French Have Only One Form Of The Present Tense Distinctions Also Need To Be Made Between The Past Simple And Past Continuous Tenses, And The Past Simple And Present Perfect Tenses For Each Tense, There Are Examples In The Affirmative And The Negative As Well As Question Forms In Addition To Covering All The Main Verb Tenses, The Book Has Sections On Reported Indirect Speech, Question Tags, Phrasal Verbs, Modal Verbs And The Sequence Of Tenses In Conditional Sentences There Is Also A List Of The Most Common Verbs That Are Irregular In The Past Simple Tense And The Past Participle The Book Ends With A Series Of Test Questions With Answers At The End Of Each Section.

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    English Verbs Explained is a very useful reference guide for both students and teachers of English It provides a solid, back to basics description of verb tenses and their characteristics Starting off with present simple, the book steps the reader painlessly through progressively complex tenses with informative explanations and illustrative examples Conditionals, modal verbs, phrasal verbs, negation and translate and intransitive verbs...

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    If you or your students are confused by the different tenses of verbs, not sure how or when to use them and are puzzled over phrasal and modal verbs then I suggest you take a look at Elizabeth Allen s new EBook, English Verbs Explained The presentation is very good, well organised with clear text and easy for students to follow.I like the way Elizabeth has given examples for each tense, in the affirmative and the negative as well as question forms Her explanations about verbs and tenses are informative and not complicated making this an excellent self study book for students who are learning English as a second language or as a useful resource for teachers when preparing lessons.There are test questions with answers at the end of each section which are practical and useful for checking understanding.I highly recommend English Verbs Explained Thi...

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