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Contemporaly Latin American Short StoriesStriking In Its Imagery, Its History, And Its Breathtaking Scope, Latin American Fiction Has Finally Come Into Its Own Throughout The World Collected In This Brilliant Volume Are Thirty Five Of The Finest Writers Of This Century, Including Jorge Luis BorgesCarlos FuentesJulio CortazarMiguel Angel AsturiasGabriel Garcia MarquezJorge AmadoOctavio PazJuan BoschJose DonosoHoracio QuirogaMario Vargas LlosaAbelardo CastilloGuillermo Cabrera InfanteAnd Many

Download ✤ Contemporaly Latin American Short Stories Author Pat McNees –
  • Paperback
  • 390 pages
  • Contemporaly Latin American Short Stories
  • Pat McNees
  • English
  • 20 March 2017
  • 9780449912263

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    I taught this anthology of Latin American Short Stories ed by McNees in the 90 s in my Freshman Comp 2 One author, Bosch, became Pres of Dominican Republic after the assassination of Trujillo Ruben Dario, Nicauraguan, served as a diplomat in Madrid and Paris Admirably, South America still valued writers, promoted them to positions of power as the US did in the 19C Hawthorne was an ambassador to England Also, arguably Spanish writers are the greatest in the 20th C, here many of the greats Garcia Marquez, Fuentes, Vargas Llosa Also arguably, one of the greatest English writers of the later 20C is the Trinidadian VS Naipaul family from India , whose Miguel Street I also taught other semesters in the same Freshman Comp Lit Marie Luis a Bombal s The Tree refers to Mozart, Beethoven and the rain continued to murmur in the music of Chopin Summer tore the leaves from its burning calendar 242 The Tree They have cut down the Tree causes the speaker to leave as I feel when my local Conservation Trust tore down two dozen roadside maples from my neighborhood I cannot leave Bombal has an answer I need, It may be true happiness lies in the conviction that one has los happiness 243 The Argentine Roberto Arlt s Small Ti...

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    A diverse collection of short stories from some of the most famous contemporary Latin American authors of the 20th and 21st centuries The material is varied and diverse, ranging from allegorical to postmodern, mystery to magical realism there is romance, irony, horror, suspense, and classic coming of age tales An excellent starter for anyone who is interested in exploring Latin American literature, but uncertain of where to start.At the time of this review, I have read the following for a module Leopoldo Lugones Yzur 3.5 5Juan Bosch Two Dollars Worth of Water 3 5Jorge Luis Borges Death and the Compass 4.5 5Julio Cort zar Letter to a Young Lady in Paris 5 5Hernando T llez Just Lather, That s All 4 5Mar a Luisa Bombal The Tree 3 5Carlos Fuentes The Doll Queen 4 5Gabriel Garc a M rquez Balt...

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    At their best, certain stories are flowery, spiritual, layered, symbolic, eery Some have interesting tension in a domestic or small town situation.At their worst, some of the writers seem amused by their own cleverness or esoteric references than I was In some the women are narrowly presented prostitutes, unfaithful girlfriends.Favorite stories Big Precipice Jorge Icaza , The Third Bank of the River J...

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    This collection of short stories from Latin America is contemporary as of 1974 when it was published, which makes it a little dated, but still worthwhile Including a mix of familiar and mostly to me unfamiliar authors, each story begins with a brief biographical sketch and overview of the author s career While the book includes some 19th and early 20th century stories, most of the works are from the 1950s and 1960s I could have used a few female author...

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    This is an interesting collection of Latin American Short stories, most of which I liked, a couple I loved and would like to read in Spanish and a couple I didn t care for at all All the big authors are represented Dar o, Quiroga, Boges, Paz, Cort zar, Rulfo, Garc...

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    There are some magnificent selections within, but the short introductions to the author stories can be really uneven.

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    The stories are so good, this book an earlier edition actually influenced my decision to major in Spanish

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    An excellent, excellent collection

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