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Who Fears the DevilJohn S My Name Where I Ve Been Is Places And What I Ve Seen Is Things, And There Ve Been Times I Ve Run Off From Seeing Them I Keep Moving, Me And This Guitar Sometimes I Ve Got Food With Me And An Extra Shirt Maybe, But Most Times Just The Guitar Up These Heights And Down These Hollows You D Best Go Expecting Anything Maybe Everything If You Believe It You Might Get Some Good Thing Out Of It If You Don T, Well, I Don T Have A Gun To Make You Stop And Hark At It From The Strange World Of The North Carolina Mountains, In The Shadows Of Their Tall Rocks, Beside Their Waters, Among Their Trees, Some Of The Weirdest Tales You May Ever Read Wellman S Work Is Not Bound By Space, Or Time, And Least Of All By Science It Is Unique, Unsettling, And Strangely Habit Forming.

[Ebook] ↠ Who Fears the Devil Author Manly Wade Wellman – Varanus.us
  • Paperback
  • 191 pages
  • Who Fears the Devil
  • Manly Wade Wellman
  • English
  • 01 February 2017
  • 9780352300652

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    With this innovative and unique cycle of stories, Manly Wade Wellman became the first writer to use the legends and lore of the Appalachians to craft a body of weird tales Wellman already established as a successful author of genre fiction traveled to North Carolina to teach writing at Chapel Hill, and fell in love with the music and culture of the Smokies He bought himself a mountain cabin, and soon began to write stories about John the Balladeer itinerant musician and collector of songs who wars against the forces of evil, armed with his silver stringed guitar.There are not many big scares in these stories still, Wellman has a knack similar to Le Fanu s of choosing the precise detail to deeply unsettle his reader Besides, whatever these tales lack in scare power, they than make up for both in ghostly and in Appalachian atmosphere Wellman s feel for the mountain hants and his knowledge of the people their fierce pride and essential generosity give these tales a weight that they might not otherwise possess In addition, Wellman has an instinctive understanding of the black and white almost Manichean Christianity that informs thei...

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    10 Mostly Important Facts about Who Fears the Devil 1 Manly Wade Wellman is the greatest wrestler author name I have ever read 2 Who Fears the Devils includes all 30 short stories and vignettes featuring Wellman s most enduring character, Silver John 3 All of the stories take place in the portion of the Appalachian Mountains in or around North Carolina and are set during the late 1950 s though no exact date is ever given 4 Silver John is a traveling singer who carries a guitar with silver strings and has a seemingly encyclopedic knowledge of folklore and local legends and the folk songs that have been made up about them He uses his knowledge and musical talent to earn his way John is a veteran of the Korean War and follows a personal philosophy based largely on early Christian teaching While John has no magical ability, his intelligence, bravery and integrity serve him well 5 One of the truly entertaining aspects of the Silver John stories is that they deal exclusively with American folk lore from the Appalachian Mountains Therefore, it is likely most if not all of the supernatural entities and creatures will be entirely new to the reader For example there s the Ugly Bird, the Behinder, the Flat, the Skim, the Culverin, the Bammat, the Toller and the southern take on the male witch known as the hoodoo man 6 Each of the Silver John stories have a similar set up and thus, in my...

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    The devil s afraid of music.What a magnificent collection What we have here is a curious marriage of folk and fairy tale, interspersed with local American mythology, the occult and religious parable What s Manly Wade Wellman s lively language and colourful descriptions make it hard not to like his writing On the top rock of them stood something against the choking blackness.It stood up the height of a man, that thing, but you couldn t make sure of its shape Because it was strung and swaddled over with webby rags They stirred and fluttered around it like gray smoke.I suppose you could argue that this is a Horror collection, but I d rather err on the side of caution before lumping it into any specific category There really is a lot to be had from Who Fears The Devil, and potential readers should note that these stories, even though they are chilling and spooky at times, never cross the line into the macabre Some even have a feel good vibe, perhaps due to some of the quirky humour Where are you from, John From nowhere, I said Meaning, from everywhere, he supplied me What do you do I wander, I s...

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    Silver John travels the Appalachian mountains, encountering all manner of strangness, with only his silver stringed guitar for a companionI have a confession to make I think 95% of fantasy stories are derivative and unoriginal This collection is neither Who Fears the Devil is the complete collection of Silver John short stories, 30 in number, ranging for three or four paragraphs to fifteen pages Silver John is a wandering balladeer, modeled after a young Johnny Cash, who wanders from one strange event to the next The first thing I noticed about the stories were how skilled Manly Wade Wellman was at rendering Southern dialogue without making the speakers seem stupid Once I dug in, the book was hard to set aside for too long and I m not a big fan of short stories by any means.The best way to describe the stories would be to call...

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    Within the a few sentences of the first Silver John story, I knew that I was in good hands The dialog, the brief, yet rich description, the atmosphere created by this prose everything that Wellman puts into these stories is excellent, and collectively his efforts amount to the kind of craft that I have come across only rarely in literature, whether genre or otherwise Even if his other work does not stand alongside the Silver John stories and from all account, it does so I associate Wellman and his prose with other writers that have changed the way that I think about fiction and writing such writers as Joe R Lansdale, Cormac McCarthy these two being obvious ones to think in association with Wellman , Liz Williams, China MIeville, and Mervyn Peake, among others Wellman is the kind of writer that now defines a part of my history, such that, thinking back on other books and writers, I will categorize them as either before Wellman, or after Wellman I devoured the first half of this anthology at a quick pace, taking in a few stories a day at least Then, I slowed down a bit, and starting spacing the stories out, sometimes putting the book down for a week or I agree with D_Davis s assessment in his review that, collectively, these stories do follow a consistent formula that can become overly familiar if you rush th...

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    The complete tales of Silver John, by Manly Wade Wellman These are all well crafted, unique and eccentric fantasy horror tales about a wandering traveler named John apparently based on a young Johnny Cash who carries around a silver stringed guitar and stumbles into bizarre encounters with creatures and legends of American Southern folklore Wellman himself was ...

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    I used to have the entire collection of Manly Wade Wellman s short stories and novels about Silver John, a traveling folk minstrel that knew than his fair share about battling evil magic and monsters It was one of my great moving van tragedy that I lost these in a move from Bullhead City to Blythe That move was in itself a folk tale of heroic proportions, but I digress I do no...

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    I really grew to like Silver John, our hero, over the course of the book It is a collection of short stories that are not really connected, but that occasionally reference earlier events Rather than just being supernatural pulp fiction, they ...

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    Silver John doesn t fear the devil, although he never actually meets the guy Manly Wade Wellman s wandering hero stories tackle a lot of same way out horrors that certain Weird Tales authors famously portrayed, but with a distinctive folksy regional flavor and with a character you won t really meet elsewhere John is sometimes an El Kabong, using his guitar as a weapon in a variety of ways, but at other times he takes of a backseat and is witness to strange events and odd cosmic justice Come to think, since he s our narrator, John is kinda like a country Henry Rollins who also fights supernatural evil While there s some stuff I coulda done without, this book went kinda like a really good short TV season I especially liked Shiver in the Pines in which John and new friends get a magic candle to probe a mine to find the gold of the Ancients O Ugly Bird , the opening story, also sets things up nicely with a small community bedeviled by a witch man and the ugly bird that looks like him There are also a bunch of great vignettes before each story involving time travel, vampires, alchemy and It s also kind of refreshing that all the people in the regions where John travels are already convinced of the reality of curses, the devil, etc The is it really really real bit usually makes for the most boring part of any monster story This is ...

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    Not a stinker in the bunch Wellman explores Appalachian myth and mythical reality with real love and honesty There is a thrilling ernestness to these stories that is very endearing even when the plot is a little bit silly.

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