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John Holmes: a Life Measured in InchesThe Tree Of Life Represents The Roots Of Man The Branches Are The Different Directions A Man Can Take, Live Or Exist When You Re Dead, Those That You Leave Behind Will Put You In A Part Of That Tree It Represents What Was, What Is And What Will Be It S Eternal John Holmes Most People Might, Understandably, Predict That The World S First Porn Star Was A Woman, But They Would Be Wrong John Curtis Holmes Was Just A Simple Country Boy From Ohio When He Moved To California In 1964 It Was The Infancy Of Hardcore, So In Holmes Wildest Dreams, He Could Not Have Predicted The Turbulent Ride On Which He Had Embarked By Publicizing His Private Parts With The Fame He Achieved By Playing His Most Famous Character A Gun Toting Detective Named Johnny Wadd Came Money Holmes Was Pleased To Spend It On His Wife And Mistresses, But Soon Was In Over His Head After He Became Addicted To Cocaine Unfortunately For Holmes, In The Years That Followed, His Addiction Led Him Into Several Desperate Choices Including Setting Up A Robbery At The Home Of Ed Nash, A Powerful L.A Nightclub Owner The Robbery Resulted In One Of The Most Gruesome, Unsolved, Multiple Murders In Hollywood History Amazingly, Before His Untimely Death In 1988, Holmes Regained His Momentum, Remarried And Rebuilt His Life And Career However, The Grave Consequences Of His Addiction, His Association With The Wonderland Murders, And His AIDS Related Death Made Him An Infamous Figure In Pop Culture Digging Past The Stigmas, John Holmes A Life Measured In Inches The First Biography About John C Holmes Unearths The Human Being Behind The Penis And Proves That There Was To Him Than Could Be Measured In Inches This Biography Includes Material From The Authors New Interviews With Laurie Holmes, Bill Amerson, Bob Chinn, Julia St Vincent, Detective Tom Lange, Detective Frank Tomlinson, Paul Thomas, Ron Jeremy, Seka, Marilyn Chambers, Candida Royalle, Rhonda Jo Petty, Dr Sharon Mitchell, Bill Margold, And Many Others John Holmes A Life Measured In Inches Also Includes 114 Reviews Of John S Most Notable Feature Films, 86 Loops Synopses, 3 Photos Sections With Rare Nudes, And A 21 Page Comprehensive Filmography.

!!> Epub ➥ John Holmes: a Life Measured in Inches ➤ Author Jennifer Sugar – Varanus.us
  • Paperback
  • 584 pages
  • John Holmes: a Life Measured in Inches
  • Jennifer Sugar
  • English
  • 27 December 2017
  • 9781593933029

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    An interesting read jam packed with info about his life and times, his affairs, his career and the crime he was involved in that some aren t aware of He was quite a sad character.

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    Perhaps, the compendium of John Holmes The depth and volume of information is quite hefty the sources varied and balanced A warehouse of facts, opinions, accounts, reflections, and fables pieced together in an attempt to tell the tale of a troubled and complicated life Do we ever learn who the real John Holmes was Are we ever sure of the true story Probably not and, one questions if Holmes knew the answers himself What the authors have achieved in this book is a depiction of the many roles John Holmes played out over the course of his life Hero or villain, colorful character or pathetic loser, nice guy or monster he portrayed a different persona to each person who crossed his path and we read of the John Holmes each of them knew an enigmatic life told from many perspectives.About the only complaint I would lodge with this book is the need for a professional editor s touch There are passages that could have been better organiz...

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    John Holmes a Life Measured in Inches is the first book by authors Jennifer Sugar and Jill C Nelson and is a work of considerable scope, ambition and importance in its chosen field Indeed Sugar and Nelson have taken a subject inherently problematic the history and scholarship of the adult film and rendered it lucidly accessible to all, whether fans of adult material or not and whether male or female Interestingly in terms of the burgeoning porno scholarship literary genre, the consistently reliable and authoritative non judgmental perspective with which Sugar and Nelson have structured this astonishing book a combination of oral history, socio cultural irony, political analogy and filmographic analysis follows on from the pioneering study of the origins of the adult movie industry in The Other Hollywood Both The Other Hollywood and John Holmes a Life Measured in Inches personalize and humanize an industry and its participants which have been traditionally treated with either repugnant disdain or objective remove to the point of absolute impersonal indifference necessary perhaps in such scholarly accounts of the porn genre as that...

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    This would make a great gift for the Holmes freak in your life especially if that freak is you The incredible filmography and descriptions of select films loops are reasons enough to shell out for the book The authors make use of copious source materials all of the DVD documentaries released to date, the Porn King autobiography, Exhausted, the Rolling Stone piece, hundreds of John s surviving films, etc and supplement their reconstruction of and conclusions about the King s life with interviews new and previously published of people who actually knew him There are lo...

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    The definitive biography, an oral pun intended history of the life and death of John Holmes This goes in depth into every aspect of his life including his childhood and the infamous Wonderland murders It looks at Holmes not just as a porn star but how he shaped...

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    worth a readAs difficult to believe as it is to put down not usually a compliment I would pay to a non fiction book, but I m willing to make an exception for a book this captivating and bombastic Totally worth your time if you re interested in the subject matter in the slightest.

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    Good book.Good book, if your interested in this kind of thing L last part was not as interesting, but was good to know I guess.

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    Really good but long cue, that s what she he said joke

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    Surprisingly complex An interesting bio about addiction, family, sex and America, especially L.A.

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    John Holmes was an Ohio country boy who had a huge penis and an abusive dad He moved to California and married this real sourpuss nurse woman and the two of them collected knick knacks until some guy saw John s pipe while he was peeing at a restaurant or something So then John started making porno loops behind his wife s back Then she found out but they stayed married and he became the king of porn They had a weird relationship Then one day a 15 year old girl moves into his apartment complex and they start dating His wife is sort of ok with it until he also gets super into freebasing coke John also steals a bunch of stuff and pisses off a lot of his porn friends So, he makes new friends and they happen to be a bunch of junky thieves Eventually Holmes owes them money for freebasing a bunch of their coke To remedy this, he arranges an opportunity for the junky thieves to rob a guy named Eddie Nash Eddie Nash is a Palestinian drug dealer and night club owner to whom Holmes has pimped out his youngster girlfriend a couple times for coke money The junky thieves rob Nash who then figures John Holmes has something to do with it He has his goons beat the shit out of him and then, though it was never 100% proven in court, he had his goons bring Holmes over to the junky thief house and help murder them all by bursting their heads open with lead pipes Four people end up graphically dead John Holmes ends up going t...

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