[Download] ✤ Japanese Schoolgirl Inferno By Izumi Evers – Varanus.us

Japanese Schoolgirl Inferno Japanese Schoolgirl Fashions And Subcultures Have Sprung Up, Burned Out, Mutated, And Evolved Into A Pop Culture Phenomenon Gone Globalfrom Gwen Stefani S Harajuku Girls To Gothic Lolita Fueled Manga And The Deadly Schoolgirl In Kill Bill, It S No Wonder That International Fashion Designers Look To The Streets Of Tokyo For Fresh Inspiration This Playful And Thoroughly Researched Handbook Examines The Key Styles And Subcultures Past And Present Sailor Suited Gangsters, Pippi Longstockings Risen From The Dead, Girls In Blackface, Teens Sporting Giant Hamster Costumes, And Each Fashion Profile Is Packed With Photos And Illustrations, History, Ideal Boyfriends, And Must Have Items Also Included Are A Gatefold Evolutionary Fashion Chart, Resources, And Makeup Tips At Last, An In Depth Guide To What The Girls Are Wearingand Why On Earth They Re Wearing It.

[Download] ✤ Japanese Schoolgirl Inferno  By Izumi Evers – Varanus.us
  • Paperback
  • 148 pages
  • Japanese Schoolgirl Inferno
  • Izumi Evers
  • English
  • 01 October 2018
  • 0811856909

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    2.5 5 stars.This was a fun and short read, and the art was pretty cute, but my disappointment stems from the shallow research and misinformation some misspellings as well, which is very lazy All I could think of while reading was, What are the sources Some of the information was firsthand and I m okay with that, but if I can t find the information to back it up, then it s useless There was also some biases in a few sections, it failed to be objective in the right places.To end this review 2.5 5 stars.Thi...

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    Sort of interesting, but overall reads like an poorly researched book report I get the impression the a lot of the info came from other people s web sites The styles as presented show the author s incomplete understanding Some things are outright wrong, and the author offers tho...

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    while it is very entertaining and the illustrations are cute, the information isn t always accurate it s fun to look through, but it s definitely not a good reference book for most of the fashion in it.

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    This is a decent starting point if you want to find outabout Japanese fashion and subcultures, but you could probably get better information from other sources The illustrations are pretty cute, though.

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    I got this because it had a tiny write up on the queen of the world Jun Togawa, with a smashing picture of her smoking Queen of the world, Jun Togawa

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    A nice summary of the origin of street styles in Shibuya and Harajuku The infographic esque style is simplistic and a very quick read.

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    This book gives a great overview of Japanese youth fashion subcultures of the late 20th century and early 2000 s it was actually what spurred my interest in Japanese fashion I picked it up in a novelty shop thinking huh, seems mildly interesting , read the entire thing in a few hours, fell in love with the subject, and never looked back Clich though it may be, this book changed my life, so I do have a great deal of sentimental attachment to it.The book is divided into chapters for each sect This book gives a great overview of Japanese youth fashion subcultures of the late 20th century and early 2000 s it was actually what spu...

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    I didn t like this book because it did not provide an accurate description of Japanese fashion Also, the pictures in this book I have seen in many other books the pictures were clearly not original Another disappointment was that the book seemed to favour one fashion, as several pages were focused on that one style, there were a few other styles but their descriptions were very vague I would not recommend this book, particularly t...

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    For those fascinated by Japanese pop culture, this is a fun look at teen fashion in Tokyo over the years As a fan of the movie Kamikaze Girls it was interesting to see references to both styles of the main characters in the movie, as well as information about the sto...

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