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Ten Degrees of ReckoningA Profoundly Powerful And Inspirational Memoir In 1993, Judith And Michael Sleavin And Their Two Children Set Out To Live Their Dream To Sail Around The World But One Night, A Freighter Off The Coast Of New Zealand Altered Its Course By A Mere Ten Degrees And Changed Everything After Surviving Forty Four Hours In The Water, With A Back Broken In Several Places And Paralyzed Below The Waist, Judith Miraculously Survived Doctors Would Later Say She Suffered One Of The Worst Cases Of Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome Ever Documented News Of The Collision Made Headlines Around The World, But, Distraught, Judith Never Talked To The Press Her Body Was Broken, And So Was Her Soul Twelve Years Later, Judith Turned To Her Best Friend, Hester Rumberg, And Asked Her To Write What Was Too Painful For Her To Write The Result Is A Gripping, Unbelievable Yet True Story Of One Family S Love, Of Profound Loss, And Of A Remarkable Woman Who Decided To Live When Others Might Have Decided Otherwise But Always It Is A Stunning Account Of Survival, A Meditation On The Strength Of Friendship And Community It Is A Universal Tale Of How Any Of Our Lives Might Be Unexpectedly Altered, How We Might Have To Change What We Hope For, And How We Can Move Forward In Times Of Tragedy Judith Sleavin Now Divides Her Time Between Portland, Oregon, And New Zealand.

[Ebook] ➨ Ten Degrees of Reckoning Author Hester Rumberg – Varanus.us
  • Hardcover
  • 272 pages
  • Ten Degrees of Reckoning
  • Hester Rumberg
  • English
  • 03 March 2019
  • 9780399155352

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    This is one of those stories of tragedy at sea that that is hard to read As a coastal sailor familiar with this unforgiving part of the coast it is somewhat of a miracle that Judith Sleavin washed up just where she did.The horror of the moment of separation with her husband and little girl I found difficult to read.As I read this book some time ago, the details have escaped me but something of personal interest is that I know one of the Police officers that was assigned to join in the search for survivors He was in fact the one who spotted Mrs Sleavin from the air in an area known as Deep Water Cove an isolated and rugged piece of coastline This guy is a no nonsense officer not given to wild imagination and yet when I questioned him, having read a mention of his name in the book, he gave me some interesting thoughts that never came out in the story When he first saw the boat tender or life raft on the coastline, he was quite certain there were two others with...

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    A sad, yet remarkable, true story One of the reasons for writing this were to make people aware of Maritime issues The book does this without being boring to a non sailor cruiser The writing is simple and clear, and without sensationalism.

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    How do you even comment on a book like this, much less review it I ve read hundreds of tragedy stories but this just rattled me to the core I hope Judith Sleavin continues to heal and find a measure of joy in her life, which I m sure she has and will The author, Hester Rumberg, is a compassionate and great author I was well educated about the sea thr...

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    This true story of adventure, tragedy and loss is both heart breaking and inspiring In 1993, the Sleavin family set out to live their dream of sailing around the world As the reader begins to share that journey, there are so many wonderful episodes along the way that make one love th...

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    Brief Description In 1993, Judith and Michael Sleavin and their two children, Ben and Annie, set out to live their dream to sail around the world But one night, a freighter off the coast of New Zealand altered its course by a mere ten degrees and caused catastrophic damage to the Sleavin s sailboat With her son Ben immediately lost, Judith, Michael and Annie struggled to survive through the night Only Judith made it surviving 44 hours in the water, with a back broken in several places and paralyzed below the waist With little to live for, Judith nevertheless recovered, though she suffered one of the worst cases of post traumatic stress syndrome ever documented Driven by her need to see justice and help ensure that the accident that killed her family wouldn t happen again, Judith struggled to create a life for herself despite often feeling that she had nothing to live for.My Thoughts This is a difficult review to write as I had to separate out the story of what happened to the Sleavins and the book itself What happened to the Sleavin family is heart breaking, chilling and oddly compelling I can t even imagine the pain and fear that Judith Sleavin must have experienced in those 44 hours until she was saved Losing your family right before your eyes in such traumatic circumstances would make it difficult to go on The book certainly doesn t sugarcoat Judith s recovery, and it seems that she is still br...

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    The basic story is riveting, but I did not enjoy the writing at all The gist Woman loses her family in a shipwreck, but she beats amazing odds to survive.It was written by a radiologist and boy can you tell At times, I thought it was endearing to hear the story through a friend s voice, but ultimately we got less close to the subject because of it She dwelled on meaningless details and blew past or omitted meaningful ones.Normally I d shrug my shoulders, but I got increasingly annoyed because what happened was so amazing and I felt like I was missing out on such a great story because she wasn t telling it well This could have been an amazing nonfiction narrative I actually stopped reading and rewrote one scene that had a lot of decent details but used poorly, just because it hurt to read.My breaking point When the author started blathering about where she was on 9 11 I would have sa...

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    Ten Degrees of Reckoning is the true story of a family s love and the will to survive In it, the Sleavin family set out to sail around the world While on the journey, a tragic event leaves Judith, the mother, injured and alone in the ocean, after the rest of her family perishes The story focuses on her rescue and survival as well as the horrific circumstances surrounding the sinking of their sailing vessel, the Melinda Lee Overall, I liked this book The story was compelling and interesting enough to make me want to keep reading I had to find out what happened to the Sleavins and I didn t want to put the book down until I did I m not a sailor, nor have I ever been sailing, so parts of the book were a little foreign to me It was an appealing read, though, and I loved reading about the different places they visited and the people they met I also learned a little about sailing, being on the ocean and travelling around the world While I really liked the first part of the book, I got totally lost when it came to maritime law, the lawsuit and the specifics of the accident It didn t come...

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    I ll never forget this book, this woman and her story.This is s true story of seagoing terror unknown to most contemporary people The reader knows up front that 3 people die and one lives She lives for one reason to tell the story of the murder of her family at sea and to provide the details to help find the murderers Her survival from a gigantic freighter smashing into her family s ocean yacht was amazing and against horrifying odds But that was only the beginning of her survival The worst was yet to come she had to live moment by moment without the loving presence of her husband, 4 yr old and 7 yr old and was tormented forever by their deaths in front of her How does one do that Superlatives don t begin to indicate the raw power of Judith s story Courageous is a weak word to describe her grittiness More terrible than her story though is that most of the huge ships on our planet s oceans are not registered in countries that care what crimes they ...

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    After sailing the world for three years with their two young children, Mike Judy Sleavin s sailboat was rammed in the middle of the night and only Judy survived I don t think that s a spoiler because all this information is on the book jacket Twelve years later, Judy asked her close friend Hester Rumberg to write the story Hester is actually a radiologist in Seattle but she is also a very gifted writer I particularly liked the way she handled the details of the loss of Mike Ben Annie with subtlety and still conveyed the horror of the scene For anyone who wonders How could a person even go on living after that , Hester writes w...

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    Ten Degrees of Reckoning is the true story of one family that realized their dream of taking their sailboat on a trip around the world until, one dark and stormy night, a series of bad decisions by one freighter lead to tragic consequences.This book is an absolute tearjerker The story itself will leave you speechless the lack of justice th...

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