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Mindset (Paperback, eBook)Mindset Follows A Group Of Outcasts Who Are Abandoned In Space And Forced To Survive Anyway They Can With The Limited Resources Available It Examines Both The Technical And Social Problems That The Survivors Face And Suggests Real Solutions Based On Actual Science It S Slightly Unorthodox As The Focus Is, Quite Deliberately, On The Collective Rather Than Any Particular Individual.

[Reading] ➿ Mindset (Paperback, eBook) By Pat Whitaker – Varanus.us
  • Paperback
  • 286 pages
  • Mindset (Paperback, eBook)
  • Pat Whitaker
  • English
  • 12 October 2019
  • 9781877513367

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    A Review of MINDSET, A Novel by Author Pat WhitakerReview by Thomas C StoneIt could be said that the novel MINDSET, by Pat Whitaker, is a story of survival, but the truth is, it is than that It is a story about the construction of a new society and the cooperation required between individuals first in order to survive, then to flourish MINDSET begins in a future where Telepaths have risen to prominence and even dominant the population of Earth The non telepathic are an encumbrance to the new order and so are rounded up and sent to camps, isolating them from the rest of society The final solution is to rid Earth of all non telepaths and this is done by shipping them out to Mars The story focuses on the last group to leave Earth.Whitaker uses the premise to imagine how a cooperative group of people could form in the midst of dire circumstances When the non telepaths reach Mars, to their chagrin they discover the Mars settlement has collapsed and there is no way to reach the surface of the planet Chaos reigns and only a handful of the previous settlers have survived With only their own devices, a desperate new plan is hatched, one that will take them in an entirely new direction farther into space to ...

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    Pat Whitaker s book Mindset is a page turner that I couldn t put down until the end Although science fiction, Whitaker s realistic characters confront many issues, which could easily apply to today s trials and tribulations in many societies Telepathic humanity sees those not telepathic as a problem they wish to resolve without causing mass guilt During their deportation to Mars, the curiosity of the main character, Blake leads other non telepaths to join him in learning and creating alternatives to survive during uncertain times The sheer determination of this group, without any promise or leadership, makes this compelling reading The attitude of having nothing to lose drives the characters to explore options, learning from scratch, technology and a means to work together without judgment, taking all opinions and theories seriously.Obviously, the author has done his research into space travel, which comes across in Mi...

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    Succinctly Serious lack of show me , tells you everything instead.Extremely cardboard characters, lack of development, almost no emotion.Handy that everything works out just so every time for them as they toddle their merry way across the universe Plot seems overly contrived The science may all be realistically imaginable, but the story just jumps past any real working through of issues to come up with soluti...

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    Mindset is a science fiction that will appeal to the hard science fiction reader for its concept It focuses focus on technology and comes up with some interesting solutions to space travel The character...

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