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In the Days ofQueen VictoriaEva March Tappan Was A Teacher And American Author Born In Blackstone, Massachusetts, She Graduated From Vassar College In 1875 Receiving Graduate Degrees In English Literature From The University Of Pennsylvania In The Days Of Queen Victoria Is The Story Of Queen Victoria, The Woman Who Became Queen At Eighteen And For Nearly 64 Years Wore The Crown Of Great Britain.

[Ebook] In the Days ofQueen Victoria By Eva March Tappan – Varanus.us
  • Paperback
  • 160 pages
  • In the Days ofQueen Victoria
  • Eva March Tappan
  • English
  • 06 October 2019
  • 9781604596205

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    My 10 11 year old enjoyed this than I did While I learned a lot, biographies that are written as if all the main characters are saints really annoy me When we study this time in history again, I will choose a modern and hopefully balanced biography.

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    This was our read aloud for history that ended up taking the entire school year It definitely seemed to be thorough in presenting Queen Victoria s life for the student It presented a VERY rosy picture almost as if she never did anything wrong If I had time in my l...

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    Even though I felt that the story was being largely and unapologetically romanticized and sanitized, it was very enjoyable and seemed closely aligned with the portrayal in Young Victoria It was informative and a pleasant read

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    4.5 stars A lovely introduction to Queen Victoria for young readers.

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    In the Days of Queen Victoria presented an interesting and very tame counterpoint to the grown up narratives I read on this monarch recently I think the book was really strong in its storytelling about Victoria s childhood, but it did peter out at the end It makes sense to gloss over some of the less savory aspects of Victoria s life and reign in a book intended for children, but in some instances I felt the book went a bit too far in gilding the truth However, we did really enjoy the beginning part, and as we read the final pages about Victoria s funeral, we listened to a YouTube video of bagpipers playing the Lament of the Black Watch, which added tons of atmosphere I must say This book is free on Kindle, but may be available in hard copy at your libr...

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    Great history book

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