Epub ➝ ミッドナイト☆チルドレン 2 (2) (マーガレットコミックス) Author Mayu Shinjō – Varanus.us

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Epub ➝ ミッドナイト☆チルドレン 2 (2) (マーガレットコミックス) Author Mayu Shinjō – Varanus.us
  • Paperback
  • ミッドナイト☆チルドレン 2 (2) (マーガレットコミックス)
  • Mayu Shinjō
  • Japanese
  • 10 February 2017
  • 9784088463070

    10 thoughts on “Epub ➝ ミッドナイト☆チルドレン 2 (2) (マーガレットコミックス) Author Mayu Shinjō – Varanus.us

  1. says:

    I m actually surprised that there was no sexual harassment or dubious consent slash rape going on in this story.

  2. says:

    Honestly this manga could have developed so much better with a few chapters or maybe an extra volume I m glad that there s a happy ending sort of anyways but it all just feels really incomplete But it was a good story line overall

  3. says:

    see full review Katie s Corner

  4. says:

    I don t how I am supposed to feel, was soo weird, I wish the author had elaborated And I don t think Akana s brother was in love with her, the story about Youta, even if it was short, was beautiful and sad, but that doesn t compensate the whole situation, there was almost no context at all

  5. says:

    ltimo tomo.

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