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An Affair Before ChristmasPoppy S Wedding To The Duke Of Fletcher Was The Most Romantic One She Had Ever Seen However, Four Years On, The Spark Of Their Love Affair Has Burned Out Fortunately, Poppy Has A Friend In Jemma, The Duchess Of Beaumont, Who Is Still In The Throes Of A Chess Game That Could Cost Her Her Marriage And Her Reputation.

[Ebook] An Affair Before Christmas By Eloisa James – Varanus.us
  • Hardcover
  • 400 pages
  • An Affair Before Christmas
  • Eloisa James
  • English
  • 02 November 2019
  • 9780340961056

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    HAHAHAHAHA, so okay you guys, this is the premise TwwooWuvvv Sexiness is overcome by some itchy hair powder For four years No, really The hero s supposedly perfect, superior bedroom skillz are overcome by the fact that his wife s hair powder makes her head itch, so the shy heroine is too distracted by that during sex to enjoy it, never responds to his touch for the first four years of their marriage And never says a damn word about this fact to him Cause, you know, that would be too easy, and then what would serve as our premise for conflict I want to be able to say Hair Powder Enemy Number One, in a pitch meeting and get paid for it There s also a domineering mother involved, but the heroine manages to throw her off pretty quickly for a girl supposedly dominated by her, so I don t really buy that either though she is a Grade A bitch Naturally, everything is perfect once the Case of the Powder is solved, and all is bunnies and rainbows I liked the scene where it ultimately came about and Poppy the heroine , got over her shyness, but everything before that Come On.Still loved ...

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    I had so many problems with this book First I thought the heroine was an idiot I know, I know, she was young and dominated by her mother But that only works for me in the beginning This was a woman who was married for four years to a man that adored her and tried to do everything in his power to please her sexually, only for her to rebuff him and show him nothing but distaste Because she was an idiot So she goes off to find herself, telling him that she really wasn t in love with him when they married and she only married him because her mother browbeat her into marrying a Duke I can t think of any book I have ever read where I wanted the hero to go find a mistress and cheat, repeatedly, on the heroine.And then toward the end of the book we finally find out why the heroine couldn t really enjoy sex, I just.well, I justI had no words But remarkably she suddenly realizes 75% into the book that she feels desire for her husband I guess that makes everything ok then.Ihe only reason this book gets 2 stars is because the A plot with this idiot only takes up about half the book The B C plots are much ...

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    It takes a lot for me not to finish a book, no matter how much I m frustrated with it but this one really pissed me off and for several reasons I m a Eloisa James fan first and foremost so part of my frustration and bafflement with this book was trying to wrap my head around why she would write a story like this with a premise and heroine like that I m a huge fan of her work and every book I ve read of her s so far has not disappointed except this one I kept going why why WHY while reading this because it was so disappointing to the point of unbearable to get through at times one of the reasons why I couldn t finish it I ve never not finished reading one of her books because she is just glorious at writing yummy hysterical regency romance books but this one was justThe fact that the plot or I should really say main tension is centered around the heroine s itchy hair powder and damaged hair but refuses to tell her husband of FOUR YEARS is just hysterically wrong and annoyingly ridiculous on so many levels It s completely unrealistic above all else Your husband thinks you can t stand his touch and you re frigid in bed so why not TELL HIM the truth instead of pretending to be coy and giggly about marital matters It s very simple and could have been solved in one chapter instead of dragging it out through the entire book I alrea...

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    What can I say, I really like fluffy airhead h s who want to debate whether or not kangaroos are possums or dogs and I really like perfect Sartorial Sprigs of Fashion who may or may not wear red heels I had a lot of fun with this book I really did not mind Poppy s immaturity or Fletch s resentment this is a coming of age romance after all, and I felt each of the main characters grew sufficiently enough that I totally rooted for them and their HEA I thought the hair issues were very interesting to say the least as I couldn t even imagine going around with all that in my hair EEK I could also believe Poppy s problems with sex, if my hair had all that gunk in it I wouldn t want to be smexxing anyone either I thought Poppy really did a great job in establishing her independence from her rotten mother and I found her struggle pretty believable It is never easy to get out from under the influence of a dominating personality and I thought the conflict was realistically portrayed but I am really not sure why Fletch just didn t have Poppy s mother s bags packed up and her escorted out of his house Yes, ideally Poppy should be the one to kick her mum out and she eventually does, but I wasn t sure why Fletch was so complacent about her living with him Anyhow who cares It worked out happily and I had a great deal of fun with the banter and the further insights into Jemma, V...

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    The Desperate Duchesses series is one that needs to be looked at for what it is and it s exactly what it is named desperate duchesses, all with different problems, and how things work out for them This second book in the series which I read out of order, 1 then 3 and now 2 started out kind of slow and sad It s a sad story Poppy and Fletcher are unhappily married and living separate lives Neither one wants to communicate or work things out They re just upset at each other and generally hurt and angry Add to this already bad mix the world s worst mother mother in law This woman is pure evil the only parent that is worse is Meredith s dad in I d like to think she s mentally unbalanced, but she s too malicious to blame it all on that So the beginning of the story was a downer, but because I m emotionally invested in this series, I had to read it and get my history on this couple, as well as my favorite characters, Jemma and Villiers, who we see often can t wait to read their books Thankfully, the story had lots of other characters and events unfolding Villiers was injured in a duel with Damon and is recovery poorly from his injury and things are looking like he may even die Getting to know Villiers was a treat the way he initially presented is not who he really is and every layer gets peeled away to reveal a truly kind person, who wants to love and be loved I know I alre...

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    I have a hard time deciding how to rate this book On one hand, the story about our main heroes, Poppy and Fletcher doesn t deserve than 2 stars, but on the other hand all the subplots and secondary characters in this b...

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    Lady Perdita Poppy Selby marries John, the Duke of Fletcher It s love ROLL CREDITS ha, just kidding Fletch and Poppy are having Marital Strife because John wants teh sex and Poppy just lies there They go their separate ways for most of a year before Poppy discovers that she s allergic to hair powder and John discovers that a prostitute won t make his Boner Pop This, obviously, results in the Sex of True Love.1 Fletch s introduction a man who refuses to communicate using words and is looking for an affair makes it SUPER HARD to think he s a worthy hero I mean, even the prologue had me flinching because Fletch refuses to USE HIS WORDS LIKE A BIG BOY and instead expects Poppy to just go along with whatever he wants Or to talk to her friends Or to divine it from the moon the stars AAAARGH 2 I liked seeing Poppy strike out on her own and do the things she wanted to do That said, I did not get nearly enough of the emotional weight of this striking out She goes and has some adventuresand then the book cuts right to one of its 300 other p...

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    This is really difficult to rate First of all I really like the universe Eloisa James created Her characters are usually really interesting but this time I was disappointed.I didn t like the main ones at all Poppy is an idiot and Fletch is a bigger idiot for drooling after her for years and yet not getting anything in return Seriously You give up on your husband because your hair is itchy and your mo...

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    Ugh Couldn t finish.

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