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Hot RocksReading Hot Rocks Nora Roberts Laine Tavish Surrounds Herself With Antiques In Her Store As For Her Own Past, She D Rather Avoid It And When That Doesn T Work, She Has To Rely On An Enigmatic Stranger To Figure Out Who Is Chasing Her And Why The Answer Lies In A Hidden Fortune That Will Change Her Life Forever The Queen Of Romantic Suspense The Columbus DispatchDon T Want The Story To End Look For Big Jack By 1 New York Times Bestselling Author J D Robb And Continue The Adventure.

Download ➾ Hot Rocks Author Nora Roberts –
  • Audio CD
  • Hot Rocks
  • Nora Roberts
  • English
  • 17 January 2017
  • 9781441842664

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    Laine is a antique shop owner who gets caught up in her Dad s lastest illegal job Max is the insurance investigator on the hunt for what was stolen They meet and even though there are some serious bumps develop a relationship I liked that this book was low angst in terms of their relationship They confronted and dealt with any problems they had The dad was likable even tho...

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    This is the first of two interlinked stories written by Nora Roberts under both of her pen names First you have Hot Rocks, a contemporary romance with a hint of suspense written as Nora and secondly, set 50 years into the future, you have Big Jack, a futuristic suspense written with Nora s J.D Robb hat on Both stories have been sold separately and they can each be read as stand alone stories although Big Jack is part of the In Death world and will particularly appeal to Eve and Roarke fans but I highly recommend reading the two together as it s really fun to see how they entwine despite occurring at very different times You can save money by buying the Remember When anthology which contains both stories My review of Hot Rocks by Nora Roberts Laine Tavish has worked hard to put her past behind her and get away from her father s criminal roots She s made a nice life for herself as an antiques dealer in the small town of Angel s Gap, she owns a small but successful store, has great friends and has a good relationship with her mother and step father She s kept the fact that her real Dad is a criminal a secret but since she s not seen him for years she figures it s a small white lie that isn t going to harm anyone ...

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    HOT ROCKS is the first book in a two book series that covers aspects of the same crime but set 50 years apart The first book, HOT ROCKS, is written by Nora Roberts and the second, BIG JACK, is written by her alter ego J.D Robb The two books originally appeared under one title, Remember When, and this is clearly written on the front cover of this volume.HOT ROCKS is romantic mystery and is set in a small town called Angel Gap in Maryland Laine Tavish runs an antique store called Remember When The story opens with a man entering her busy shop, pressing his business card in her hand, and insisting she call him later when she says she is too busy to chat with him As he leaves her shop he is hit by a car, and Laine feeling guilty runs out to comfort the now dying man He sings her a tune and she realises he is Uncle Willy, an old family friend his last words to her are keep the pooch Laine is worried her past is about to be revealed after working so hard to start a new life The daughter of a scam artist, Laine was well on the way of becoming one herself until her mother took her away when she was ten and Laine finally found out that there was to life than hustling people It doesn t take long for her to find out why her Uncle Willy came to town Diamonds Max Gannon appears in her life soon after, he is an insurance investigator There has been a twenty eight million dollar diamond heist and he believes that it was done by big time ...

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    While I liked this book pretty well, little pieces of it would bother me enough to keep me from fully engaging with it Laine is a delight, for example She s tough, brave, and smart But when she dips into her past, or does something reckless and illegal, it doesn t feel like it fits her character, very well And I really disliked her support for her larcenous father.Indeed, like the pieces from the perspective of the bad guy, this book has jarring bits dangling off of it that poke at me enough to pull me out of the novel like every scene with Big Jack I think we re maybe meant to find Big Jack as loveable as Laine obviously does and I just couldn t manage that.Some of this is mitigated by the wonderful Max There s really nothing not to like, there, and I particularly liked that even though he knows his initial lies likely tanked the budding relationship with Laine, he still admits he d do it again if he had to his professional standards are important and those lies were anything but frivolous To Laine s credit and Roberts , she doesn t let it hang her up for long.So in all, the book was entertaining, but not great It did pull a really strange trick on the reader at the end that I found both jarring and than a little off putting it segued right into a J.D Robb novel at the end without any ...

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    Hot Rocks4 StarsWhen a man is run down outside her antiques store, Laine Tavish realizes that the past has finally caught up with her Together with Max Gannon, a mysterious stranger with his own agenda, Laine must discover why she has become a target before she becomes the next victim Note This book is paired with Big Jack from the In Death series and should be read first as it provides the background necessary for truly appreciating the Robb book Hot Rocks is one of Nora Roberts older books that reminded me of my early passion for her stories While the romance and mystery are predictable especially for readers very familiar with Nora s work , they are both, nevertheless, very satisfying Max and Laine are engaging characters and their romance is sweet and spicy Laine is intelligent and resourceful, and the occasional glimpse at her reckless side makes her all the human and appealing Max is scrumptious and the secret keeping is ...

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    This one was fun Susan Ericksen does another wonderful job of narrating Ms Roberts story of a missing share of a 28 million diamond heist It has all the required characters the unsuspecting heroine propelled into a mystery maelstrom, the location clue uttered by a dying man, the sinister mastermind who wants it all, the loyal and very pregnant friend and co worker, the unrepentant charming professional con who happens to be the heroine s father, and sigh the hun...

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    Apparently both this book and the In Death counterpart, Big Jack, were previously published as one book under the title, Remember When, the name of Laine s antique store Tricky move on the publisher s part This is pretty much a solid romance book Rather well exec...

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    I really hated the heroine at first, but then she smartened up enough for me to not hate her Unfortunately, then I kinda hated everyone else I wouldn t say there s anything wrong with this story, but I just didn t dig it much I m not sure why, but I m just kinda meh about it.

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    Once again Nora Roberts blows me out of the water with action starting almost immediately I was pulled on an amazing adventure I can t wait to pick up the next book in this duology

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    One of her better ones I think Mystery, bad guys, small towns this had it all.

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