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❀ Fury kindle Epub ❄ Author Salman Rushdie – Varanus.us
  • Paperback
  • 304 pages
  • Fury
  • Salman Rushdie
  • Romanian
  • 02 January 2017
  • 9789735017132

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    I am a nice guy, and not usually overly critical, but here goes..this was shit, I never thought much of Rushdie anyway, and now can say with hand on heart I don t like his writing either, gave up.

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    My first brush with Salman Rushdie proved to be, frankly, uneventful perhaps like my experience with Coetzee s Disgrace , sorta, kinda He writes of this fury, born of long injustice, beside which his own unpredictable temper was a thing of pathetic insignificance, the indulgence, perhaps, of a privileged individual with too much self interest This is what happens when a man accumulates too much wealth having ideas which blow up to become global phenomenons hopefully not an autobiographical theme for Rushdie Why are writers with so much fame becoming so self aware of it exploit this to the fullest in their works Guess I m still enchanted with that now mythical figure of the penniless artist Coetzee, Rushdie, McEwan, Cunningham they all write about the rich folk having feelings too Another thing if you have not familiarized yourself with mythology well enough, this novel may becom...

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    An irredeemable piece of garbage Sloppy and uninteresting, filled with trite observations and vapid, transparent characters bumbling around in a lame social satire that amounts to nothing deeper or insightful than whatever you and your friends might say about celebrity culture while watching Entertainment Tonight For instance Celebrity s are stupid There are important things in the world Hey, you re Salman Rushdie Even Rushdie s lauded language can t get him out of the stink pit he dug himself into here, because his virtuosity is, in reality, verbosity, and his extended metaphors only serve his own obnoxious, pompous voice and idiot characters rather than any kind of compelling narrative I only finished this book because I was on an island in the Philippines I would have thrown it into the ocean but for my respect of the Filipino people and oceans in gener...

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    Solenka is a man ill at ease, bitter, full of anger he masters increasingly difficult What has he done with his life What is the secret of his fury I think I had too quickly read the synopsis of this book.Indeed this book annoyed me a lot, I could not read than 20 pages in a row without sleep and I expected a detective book yes I actually read the synopsis diagonally So in short, I did not like this book, I did not like the writing style, the extension to p...

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    I d known before I picked this up that Fury was one of his critically most damned works despite that warning, I gaily went ahead Because I m simply in love with the genius of that man Of the 4 works I ve read of his, my reactions have ranged from ever growing adoration The Moor s Last Sigh, which I ve read 9 times in 4 years and will read yet again to reluctant reading The Satanic Verses, which has some nuggets of pure brilliance and heady defiance in an otherwise dump of garbage But never have I encountered such a disastrous piece of fiction, especially by him Why do I read Rushdie Because I love his verbal density that draws blood under the garb of comic relief and unapologetic, Bambaiya, forbidden language of lavish absuses Because he deftly weaves complex layers of satire, story telling and colonial history into a multi hued carpet full of motif, signifiers and signs, some of them obscure and some right in your face Because he is irreverent Because nothing is sacred to him Because he boldly says what needs to be said, without mincing his words Because he insults where insults need to be thrown Because he is rude, crude, bitter, sharp, cynical, unbowed, unfettered you cannot control him You cannot deny the truth in his fiction He breathes fire Because he cruelly lifts masks off the Grand Narratives about whoever...

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    Rushdie wants us to see the fury inside the main character Solanka, but what we see is basically, a 55 year old man abandoning his wife and kid without saying a word because he was afraid he would hurt them , moving to NYC, having an affair with a quite young and attractive neighb...

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    wow just wow maestralan je elim pro itati cijeli njegov opus.

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